The main characters in my books!

The main characters in the books all originate from “The Great Garden”

Dollygal, a six year old with enough love, hope and charity to save the world simply by being herself. Her charm, humility and grace transforms everything she encounters.

Brother Peacock is one of her older brothers. He is a militant minded protector of his little sister Dollygal.

Brother Serpent is the other older brother. He is opposite of his brother Peacock and very consumed with his abilities with in the natural world.

Special friends vibrantly come into position, awkwardly blending, and taking their place in this fascinating Journey.

Godfrey is a fascinating and humble character with seemingly endless knowledge of all things.

Professor Boo is a knowledgeable scientist, with experience in metaphysics.

Mr. Protégé is the forever growing and odd assistant of Professor Boo.

Conquering Ego…The Return to the Extraordinary.

Ori-Shinto character is also from “The land of Kingdom Come” Represents power of dragon Fire.

Maridian character is from “The land of Kingdom Come.” Represents power of water.

They both live in the Underwater world within the “Great Garden” in the 3rd book

In this book you will continue the journey and be with them as they finally reach their destination…

These characters are all meant to come together in union, to be taken on a fascinating journey into the world of Enlightenment…

Be the peace…Be the love…Bepeacelove!

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