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Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent is a spiritual and mystical story,
with a symbolic theme.

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I am a writer of a trilogy series called “Dollygal peacock and the serpent.” The stories are highly interactive mystical fantasy books. The trilogy series will challenge the reader of all ages, to be the best they can be… by simply being themselves.

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Meet the Characters

Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent Characters

Dollygal is a six-year girl with enough Love, Hope and charity, to change the world.
Brother Peacock character represents nobility and is the militant protector figure in Dollygal's life.
Brother Serpent character represents opposite of right action. This is the antagonist brother figure Dollygal life.
Meridian = lives in the water city called "The Kingdom Come" She is a friend and sister of Dollygal.
Ori-Shinto is from the water city called "The Kingdom come" She is a friend and sister to Dollygal.

Dolly Gal

Dolly Gal

Dollygal, a six year old with enough love, hope and charity to save the world simply by being herself. Her charm, humility and grace transforms everything she encounters.



Ori-Shinto character is also from "The land of Kingdom Come" Represents power of Dragon Fire.

Blonde Girl


Maridian character is from "The land of Kingdom Come." Represents power of water.


Brother Peacock

Brother Peacock is one of her older brothers. He is a militant minded protector of his little sister Dollygal.


Brother Serpent

Brother Serpent is the other older brother. He is opposite of his brother Peacock and very consumed with his abilities with in the natural world.



Darlene Cannon

Helping Hands that bring the vision into physical form…

HELLO to all of you beautiful people that are being the peace and being the love! My goal is to allow this space to focus on people and events around the world that is currently being the peace and being the love. My name is Darlene Cannon. I am a visionary on a mission. I give all credit to GOD for all of the beautiful, mundane and mystical thoughts that flow through my mind daily.

These thoughts form into a story… The stories are written down.

Then the helping hands come together, and bring the vision into physical form.

A Story About


Love: Agape Love of mankind is unconditional love and the highest form of love, charity and the love of GOD for man...and man for GOD.


Hope: it is confident belief based not on things experienced but, on the word, of GOD that the future he says will happen. Hope is a future certainty that gives you joy, peace and patience in the present.


Charity: The highest form of love signifying the reciprocal love between GOD and man that made manifest in unselfish love of one's fellow men.

The Voice of The Book

This story is about love, hope and charity. Growing up and accepting ourselves exactly as we are…
Knowing that anything is possible…and nothing is impossible…
Knowing that hope can heal the world…
Knowing that everyone has his own unique way of creating peace on earth.
Believing in oneself is possible…
Having faith in what we believe ourselves to be, is not impossible…
Trusting ourselves and knowing that we can actually be something far greater than we ever imagined…is fathomable…
Finding out who we are and discovering our true purpose in life, can take us on a fascinating and mystical journey into the world of enlightenment!



5.0 out of 5 stars A child’s journey

Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2016

Innocent and intelligent. An allegory that teaches kids how to think, not what to think. It’s a story that embodies Isaiah 11:6, the story of a young girl leading her world into peace and harmony.

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