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Editorial Book Review for “Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent – The Awakening” by Darlene Cannon

“Love has the power to make everything possible. It is limitless and eternal. It has the power to cleanse the globe of all negativities. The story of Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent showed how love could bring people together despite their differences. Darlene Cannon shared a narrative that will warm the hearts of everyone of all ages.”

“Dollygal appears to be a regular young girl, but she is also the gift, with her innocent and fun demeanor. She made it possible to assist individuals while also bringing their towns together. Peacock and Serpent, two of her brothers, live in a castle with her. Her two brothers are completely contradictory to one another. Serpent is the strict one, whereas Peacock is the soft and kind brother. Despite it all, they both showed profound affection and concern for Dollygal. Everyone in their castle, even the close town, adores Dollygal, and she returns the love. She is love, and she carries love with her wherever she goes. Behind this tranquillity that they feel, darkness is just looking right behind them. Lazlo will do anything to overpower love with fear.”

“Darlene Cannon outdid all present children’s stories in the market today. The characters, the plot, and the message of this book will definitely stay with every reader. There’s a touch of warmth and innocence in the story. It is admirable to read something that will teach you valuable lessons such as hope and positivity. It is important that children learn the value of faith at a young age, as well as the acceptance of who they really are.”

“This book is particularly inspiring since it takes us closer to our life’s goal, which is to serve and live as much as possible with love. It also helps readers to visualize the story’s settings and all of the magical elements. The story’s characters are as vibrant as the scenery. It’s an excellent method to show kids that individuals like these really exist in real life. Despite their differences, people may still come together for the common cause of peace.”

“This book is essential reading for all ages, and it is especially suggested for youngsters. It is not only age-appropriate, but it also contains several lessons that students must learn. It’s ideal for young and old readers alike. It maintained a pleasant tone throughout the tale, even in the most dramatic passages. The tone of the entire narrative was cheerful and bright throughout, never becoming heavy with sadness or confusing passages. With all that is going on in the world, people need to take a step back and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Take a deep breath and reflect.”

Book Reviews

“Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent: The Awakening by Darlene Cannon is a book of love and adventure. The love and adventure of Dollygal who understood the world more in her awakening and her mystical connection towards the unseen forces of the universe such as hope, love, and beauty.

I love how the author narrated the story with simplicity yet striking one. The atmosphere of the book is very calm and has no unnecessary tensions and fights occurring. This book is very suitable for children and parents. This amazing book has the potential to heal the world through the magical and biblical teachings present in it. This powerful book will break the stigma of living an ordinary life but instead, living a life full of adventure and love.”

“Educational and inspirational. This book is educational because it educates people to learn some of the teachings of God through the book’s portrayals of situations and characters. This book is also inspirational because it brings us closer to our purpose in life which is to serve and live with love as much as always.

Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent: The Awakening by Darlene Cannon speaks on a different kind of level of understanding of things. In this book, we are purposely taken in to witness the life of Dollygal where she lives in it compassionately and kindly. No matter what evil comes her way, she always uses her faith and courage as a shield to wash away enemies and negativities. The mystical part of this book also creates the readers’ interest to imagine things. Very good, indeed.

I will surely look forward for more from Darlene Cannon and by reading this book, I was immediately a fan of her works.”

“Just as clearly as this book speaks its simplicity, I still find it very amazing and powerful to us readers. Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent: The Awakening by Darlene Cannon is a good example of books that everyone should read so that we can all achieve a deeper understanding of the things around us.

This book is about the adventure of a girl named Dollygal who lived a life of compassion and humility. And by being that, she became the instrument of peace and love in her town, the Lovelyville. She is such an inspiration to everyone and should be given importance. The biblical teachings shown in this book are very important too so that readers can ponder and reflect afterwards.

I love this book but not that much because I am still confused in some areas but I got the gist pretty well and I commend the author for being so imaginative and full of wisdom all throughout the story.”

“What the world needs is a little bit of a break to appreciate things and it is Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent: The Awakening by Darlene Cannon.

Wonderfully and beautifully written, this book consists of nature’s simplicity in writing yet very loud in its lessons and redeeming values. This is a book of love and peace and behind it is the compassionate and brave young girl named Dollygal. This little girl lived a life like no one else. She is appreciative of everything the world offers and is very kind to everyone that she encounters. There is definitely more in this book than this review that I am writing now and I do not want to spoil your fun.

Just one of the best books in the market today. This Dollygal sequel is such an amazing book, both for children and adults. And just the rest, this book is obviously a product of both amazing imaginations and wisdom.”

“The beauty of Darlene Cannon’s Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent: The Awakening lies in its magically creative recounting of the endearing protagonist’s adventures and the well-placed philosophical ponderings that invoke its readers to contemplate. The author writes her prose using deep mystical words that make the experience of being sucked into a fairytale world more tangible yet not to the point of extreme flamboyance that makes the story difficult to understand.

The many spiritual, emotional, and societal issues Cannon tackles in her book really gives it a sense of depth and meaning unique from its other counterparts. Reading this book was, indeed, time well spent and the revelations from the wise ponderings it induced were nothing short of supernatural. Darlene Cannon is indeed a talented writer who fascinates her readers with her wisdom, imagination, and passion.”