Conquering Ego “The Return to the Extraordinary”

Conquering ego “The Return to the Extraordinary”

The last book of this trilogy series takes you on a non stop fascinating journey, into the final and new transformation of lovelyville.

The first book Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent “The Gift” brought awareness of something greater around the people of lovelyville and within them.

“The Awakening” brought the expectance of this powerful “Gift” within them.

Conquering Ego…The return to the Extraordinary”
Reveals the action that is done by the powerful manifestation of the Awakening Gift,
and the powerful metamorphosis of the Ego!

“The return to the Extraordinary is a new beginning of truly being yourself…

Be the peace…be the love…bepeacelove!

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Conquering Ego “The return to the Extraordinary”