“Conquering Ego”
The Return to the Extraordinary
Prelude Story

Serpent frantically rises from his bed frightened and confused by a dream. He take a clear glass from
the table next to bed and splashes himself in the face with water.

“Oh what a nightmare…no it was not. I am remembering that tragic night with mother and father.”
Sitting up on the side of his bed, he covers his face with his hands…
Then brother Peacock enters the room…
“Serpent are you Ok?” Godfrey and I are waiting for you down stairs. We have lots of things to Discuss about the “ school of intention” opening.

“I am having nightmares about Mother and Father.” Says the Serpent.
“Get dressed and come down stairs Serpent. We can talk about this over breakfast with Godfrey.”says Peacock.
“Indeed I do smell the most magnificent aroma of fresh ginger tea with freshly baked bread and lightly glazed shank ham w/olives/parsley and a hint of rosemary.”
Wait a minute…fresh apples from the Great Garden are in the baked bread.” Oh how the heavenly aroma permeates the entire house.” (Serpent says with his hands clinched together.)

Peacock glares at Serpent and says:
“Snap out of it Sssserpent! Ha…ha…haaaa!
Let’s go eat some of this food with this heavenly aroma!…ha…ha…Haaaa!

Serpent shrugs his shoulders mocking peacock:
“Ha…ha…ha… I am not amused by your warped, twisted and misguided sense of charm brother of mine.
“Why do you need to constantly say my name like that?”

“I have always said your name like that whenever you bother me some way.
Now your all sensitive about it?” says Peacock.

“Oh no….on the contrary…I am not sensitive at all!
I can only imagine how you feel when I talk about your bird droppings around the house now and then.
It must strike a nerve with you eventually making you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.” Says the Serpent

“Ok Serpent, I get the message loud and clear. You are right my brother, we are not the same as we were before. Now we are embracing our likenesses, and we have more in common than I ever realized.

Brother of mine…do you know what this moment is about?”
This is a universal teaching moment, and we must use it for the opening night at the“school of intention.” The awareness of ourselves in the moment it is occurring. Happily says the Serpent.

Let’s share this enlightening moment with Godfrey, I’m sure he will enjoy this as much as we do. Says Peacock.

Peacock and serpent began walking excitedly, down the hallway passing by the photos of there mother and father, at the end of the stair case. As they walk down the spiral gold stair case, a strong breeze began to blow, lifting them off the ground. Peacock and serpent began holding on to the staircase as there bodies dangled in the wind. A deep voice emerges from the wind saying… IT IS DONE!!!
When the wind has past they both hurry down the stair