Dollygal peacock and the serpent

My name is Darlene CANNON, i like creating worlds of real life possibilities beyond conventional medicine, mobility and access. As a personal Confidant and professional Care maven for nearly 20 years, I help to rehabilitate those labeled “disabled” to live extraordinary lives beyond conventional prescriptions.

I am a natural born teacher and self published author. My writings is dedicated to further narrating solutions to seemingly unsolvable human problems via characters in my books under the category of Fantasy novels.
I have a trilogy series called” Dollygal peacock and the serpent.”
Dollygal has two brothers named Peacock and serpent. Dollygal represents Hope, faith and charity. Peacock represents nobility and Serpent represents Ego.
There are many characters that come together in these stories for a collective whole and representing all parts of our human self. I have shared my books at libraries, book events and it is currently in a small book store at Agape church center. I am online and on kindle and is currently expanding my website…
I love life and people, and I’m seeking out ways to love and help bring joy beyond the norm.

I believe in LOVE…I believe in myself!
I believe in myself…I believe in LOVE!

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